Nagging Panda Smart Message Templates

Let your customer know and feel that they're more than just a number with your Nagging Panda Smart Message. Keep it personal with every Email and SMS you send out. Ps... It's also super useful to be able to escalate your tone if you need to as well!

Automate your own words

Prepare your Panda for every occassion!


Smart Message Templates

We will populate your customers information into SMSs and Emails.
With Nagging Panda it’s never been easier to be super-efficient while keeping customer communication professional & personalised.
Your automated reminders with Nagging Panda will make the difference in getting your invoices paid and your quotes accepted faster.

Include our Nagging Panda Pandamojis in your templates!

Let your customers know how you feel without having to saying how you feel! 

Include your choice of Nagging Pandas Pandamoji with every email you send out

Is that so

Nagging Pandamotions-large-17

Confused Panda

Sad Panda

Happy Panda

Patient Panda

Complete Panda

Angry Panda

Serious Panda

Assign your Pandas with super flexibility for super automated results!


One Panda across the system for all your Invoices


One Panda across the system for all your Quotes


Assign Pandas to specific Customers


Assign Pandas to specific Invoices or Quotes


Other integration features

Pay Now Automated Workflow - Debt Collection

Provide easy payment options for customers. Providing customers with the ability to pay immediately with hassle-free interaction will speed up the process even more.

Create Debt Collection Invoice/Quote - Automated Workflow and Pay Button

Your dashboard tells you what you need to know – straight up. Who you’re nagging, when and through which channel, how much you’ve invoiced, what’s outstanding, and more.

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