Nagging Panda Quote Follow-Ups

Nagging Panda Quote Follow-Ups! It’s never been easier to automate your Quote Follow-Ups than with Nagging Panda! We can increase your revenue with no added effort on your part, so don’t wait for business to run dry before you follow up on hard-earned quotes.


Increase Revenue with Nagging Panda Quote Reminders

Why wait until business slows down before you follow up on quotes? We’ll chew the bamboo for you with your customers. With the perfect Panda workflow, you can automatically follow up on your quotes to suit your needs.

While you focus on generating new business, Nagging Panda will bring in the revenue on your hard-earned quotes.
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Following Up Quotes with Nagging Panda

Nagging Panda Freemium Invoice

SMS and Email

Quickly and easily attach your Panda to an invoice or quote. Your Panda can include SMS and Email communications to remind and nag customers for payment or response.

Nagging Panda Freemium Quote

Message Templates

With our customisable messaging templates, you can keep communication with your customers professional and focused. Say it in your own words and personalise as much as you need, thanks to our handy placeholders.

Repeat Instruction Nagging Panda Freemium Quote

Easy to Repeat instructions

You can create a Panda by giving it a set of instructions. You can set some of those repeat instructions with the click of a button! Your Panda will follow your every instruction and remind you and nag you for invoice and quote follow-ups!  

Invoice/Quote Timing - Automated Workflow

Timing Is Everything

Communicating with your customer is crucial to ensuring you get paid. Your Panda is always ready to send your reminders to customers at your specified intervals before, on or after invoice due date and quotation expiry date.

No Limits Invoice/Quote - Automated Workflow

No Limits

When it comes to getting paid, or quotes responded to, Nagging Panda can remind and nag and remind and remind. Let Nagging Panda take care of your cash flow while you focus on the rest of your business.

Panda Debt Collection, Accounting Software, Invoice/Quote - Automated Workflow and Pay Button

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Invoice/Quote Reminders and Pay Button

You will always know what you need to know – straight up. We can tell you how much you’ve invoiced, what you have outstanding, and who you’re nagging.  

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