Nagging Panda Debt Collection

Nagging Panda understands your needs. In Nagging Panda your automated workflows include built-in debt collection! So you can flow any unpaid invoice straight to the debt collector.

Create Debt Collection

Built-in Debt Collection

Bad debt is bad for business! It disrupts cash-flow, hurts your bottom line, and generally just causes headaches and many wasted hours.

Have no fear, Nagging Panda is here!

Nagging Panda helps your business succeed and keeps you getting paid. If the time has come to take the next step, then let Nagging Panda help you recover monies owed with our integrated panel of industry-leading Debt Collectors.

As a Nagging Panda Integrator or Creator, you are able to use our Debt Collector service. Create a single debt collection instruction or upload in bulk. We cater for supporting documentation as well as mandate amounts for debtor negotiations.

Retract debt collection matters if needed, or request even the next step in chain for legal escalation.
Further… no debt collection fees until success. You only pay debt collector fees on successful collections.

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Improve your debt recovery rate

Debt Collection Dedicated Resource

Dedicated resource

Finding good, trustworthy, debt collectors is no walk among the bamboo. Use the dedicated resource in Nagging Panda to escalate non-paying debtors to the Nagging Panda Panel of Debt collectors. Spend time focusing on your business and customer needs, while payment is chased for you!

Submit Debt Collection

Submit through your Panda

Automate the send of unpaid invoices to the debt collector without a second’s extra thought. Meaning you can add a step to your Panda that says, after a specified number of days, if your invoice is still unpaid, pass it onto the debt collector. Automatically.

Pay on Success for Debt Collection

Pay on success only

Simple. If the debt collector doesn’t collect, you don’t pay debt collector fees.

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